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Palm Trees for Sale in Jacksonville, FL

Tall, opulent, and exotic palm trees give residential and business properties a luxurious, resort-style ambiance. Native to warm, sub-tropical climates, not all palm trees can tolerate colder weather. At Iguana Palms, we offer palm trees for sale in Jacksonville, FL, that thrive in cooler climates. So, our cold hardy palm trees are the perfect addition to your landscaping project, whether you live in Tallahassee, Orlando, Ocala, Gainesville, or anywhere between Atlanta, GA, and Tampa, FL.

Cold Hardy Palm Trees

Did you know that there are over 2,500 varieties of palm trees? A cold hardy palm tree is a variety that can tolerate freezing and sub-freezing temperatures that commonly occur during the winter in Gainesville, Tallahassee, Orlando, and Jacksonville. Some cold hardy palms, like the Pindo and Sylvester can even withstand the snowy and icy conditions in Atlanta, GA. Cold hardy palm trees will give your gorgeous tropical landscape that island vibe all year long.

Pindo Palm Trees:

Pindo palm trees are one of the most common cold hardy trees for homes and businesses in colder climates that want to add a tropical flavor to their yard. A Pindo palm grows to a height of up to 20 feet with beautiful blue-gray fronds that will enhance your property with the color of the islands while providing shade. In addition, Pindo palms are a fruit-bearing tree that produces delicious dates, the perfect accompaniment with a refreshing tropical beverage.

Sylvester Palm Trees:

Sylvester palm trees are perhaps the most distinguishable of the cold hardy varieties due to their diamond shape pattern that resembles a pineapple. While Sylvesters doesn’t bear the delicious tropical fruit, it is a favorite. It will be a magnificent addition to any tropical landscape project from Atlanta to Tampa, including Jacksonville, FL.

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