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Palm Trees for Sale Tampa, FL

Whether you’re a homeowner, builder, or professional landscaper, you will love the varieties of palm trees for sale in the Tampa, FL area from Iguana Palms. We specialize in cold hardy palm trees like the Pindo and Sylvester palm trees that thrive in cooler climates. Many of our customers from Atlanta to Tampa visit our palm tree farm. We are conveniently located between Atlanta, GA, and Tampa, FL, with easy access from Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Ocala, and Gainesville.

Cold Hardy Palm Trees

Cold hardy palm trees are a sturdy tree variety that tolerates cold weather climates like Atlanta, GA, and Gainesville, FL, that get freezing temperatures and snow. A cold hardy palm is an excellent choice for residential and commercial properties in different climatic zones that add a luxurious subtropical flair to their landscape.

Pindo Palm Trees:

One of the most widely planted of the cold hardy variety is the Pindo (Butia capitata) palm tree. The fruit-bearing tree provides plenty of shade and privacy for your Tampa, FL, home due to its wide stance with long green feather fronds. In its native Brazil, it is known as the jelly palm, where its yellow fruits are made into delicious jelly. The Pindo can grow to 15 to 20 feet tall and has an 80-year life expectancy.

Sylvester Palm Trees:

A spectacular palm tree brings a Hawaiian feel to landscapes in cold weather climates like Gainesville, FL, is the Sylvester (Phoenix sylvestris) palm tree. This hardy tree grows in various environments: cold, hot, wet, and dry conditions. Its unique trunk resembles a pineapple, providing a tropical appearance to your landscape.

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