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Sylvester Palm Trees for Sale in Ocala, FL

Bring paradise home with Sylvester Palm Trees! Iguana Palms has Sylvester Palm Trees for sale in Ocala, FL.  These palm trees come directly from our Palm Tree Farm in North Florida and they can help transform any landscape into a luxurious tropical oasis.

These majestic trees grace landscapes throughout the Southeast. They even extend their colorful fronds into regions will cooler winters, because they are cold hardy palm trees.  Our cold hardy palm trees can survive from Miami, FL to Columbia, SC and places in between including Atlanta, Charleston, Daytona Beach, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Macon, Orlando, Tampa Bay and Tallahassee.

Sylvester Palm Trees

Sylvester palms, silver date palms, are not just for warm climates. They’re surprisingly hardy, which sets them apart and makes them a perfect choice for property owners in Florida and Georgia. These sturdy, tall palm trees boast beautiful deep green to silver-blue fronds that sway gently in the breeze. Some species can even tolerate colder temperatures, allowing you to enjoy a tropical feel year-round.

Pindo Palm Trees

We also cultivate Pindo palm trees, a cold-hardy variety ideally suited for northern climates. Pindo palms are renowned for their clustered trunks and elegant, feathery fronds, which add a unique and inviting texture and a soft, tropical ambiance to your landscape. These palms are an excellent choice for creating a visually striking and low-maintenance outdoor environment, making them a popular option for homeowners and landscapers.

Palm Tree Installation

Want to bring your tropical dreams to life but need help planting your new trees? Iguana Palms offers professional palm tree installation services throughout Florida and Georgia, including major cities like Atlanta, Daytona Beach, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa Bay, and Tallahassee. Our experienced team will ensure your palm trees arrive safely, are planted correctly, and have the best chance to thrive in your landscape.

Visit Our Palm Tree Farm

Are you a landscaper that would like to visit our Palm Tree Farm?  Contact us at 720-320-4760 and we can schedule a time for you to tour our Palm Tree Farm in north Florida.  After your visit we are confident you will agree that we are your trusted source for cold-hardy palm trees, pindo palm trees, and palm tree installation services.

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